Sametime of the future

A couple of weeks ago, HCL gave a preview of what’s coming in Sametime. As I have been working with Sametime projects for over 15 years now, I was happy to see that HCL has plans for Sametime extending to at least 2021.

There are several new features which are not only good to see coming, but are seriously needed by customers. Many of these affect core components which show that HCL is determined to move Sametime into the future. Let’s review just a few of these:

  • HCL will be decoupling Sametime from WAS and DB2. Though this possibly has to do with some licensing concerns as much as anything, hopefully this will simplify installation and administration. I fully embraced the WAS and DB2 route when IBM took that path with Sametime and Connections (primarily). However, it was something highly daunting for prospective customers who just wanted to chat.
  • Chat History will be retained on the server side. No longer will we have to rely on clients being configured to store chat histories in mail files or have this simply not be an option for iNotes and Web Chat users.
  • Persistent Group Chat will be great. Who remembers Sametime Advanced? Well, apparently it was too advanced for its day – it gave us persistent chat in YASWS (Yet Another Sametime Websphere Server), but it never took off. Sametime has been needing an easy-to-implement option for this!

What are you most looking forward to with Sametime 10, 11, and beyond?

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