Helpful Links for Sametime V10

If you are considering updating a Sametime Limited Use environment from V9 to V10, here are some technotes and blog posts which may be helpful for you.

Here are many details on what is and is not in Sametime Limited Use 10.0. Some highlights (for me) include:

  • Enablement of server-side chat logging
  • You must use V10 Community and Proxy together – Community can’t be V9 with V10 Proxy to get the new features
  • They mention that policies in ST can’t be used to disable ST for specific users, but through implementing policies for groups, you can have a group with access and then another group with limited or no access to any ST features.
  • Windows only for now
  • No Sametime System Console
  • I’ve embraced the WAS/DB2 route over the years, but this is the beginning of the end for that with Sametime
  • There are a ton of other answers to some great questions from customers and partners at this page!

Here is the Getting Started with IBM ST:LU 10. This includes part numbers, etc… Most importantly, this includes the link to the ST 10 Installation and Administration guide!

Finally, you will also need to enable some client side settings in order to take advantage of some new V10 features.

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