Fun Fix Friday – Soft Deletions Everywhere!

New with Domino 10.0 was an option to enable soft deletions to be kept upon new replica creations.

So if you’re building a new house, you can take your garbage bin with you from your old house to the new one…  😉

This also reminds me of one time many years ago when I had a messaging director complaining about users who wanted to have their soft deletion time extended past 48 hours. I completely agreed with his sentiment of “do these people keep garbage bags in their yards for 3 weeks before taking them to the dumpster – just in case they accidentally threw something out?” 😀

But I digress… I do see some need to be able to keep the soft deletions in a new replica. I imagine, though I haven’t tested it, that the compact -REPLICA switch would create a mail file replica without soft deletions. This obviously wouldn’t be ideal if a user’s mail file got corrupted during the day and the admin had to create a new replica copy on the server. The user could have accidentally deleted something and would then not be able to un-delete it. There could be some other similar scenarios.

Here are the details on the fix, in case you came here for some real information: SPR #JEKY5ARNPA – Soft deletions are now maintained when creating a new replica. This fix is off by default and can be enabled with the new ini REPL_SOFT_DELETES. To enable the fix, set REPL_SOFT_DELETES=1.

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