Sometimes you don’t really know what’s in a Domino Release/FP until you need it!

As we’ve all encountered various clients who need to upgrade, I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone. But sometimes you run into a situation where you need to get up to at least a certain level in the codestream to be able to do certain tasks either more effectively or even at all. With the Domino HTTP (especially with ciphers), 9.0.1 FP5 was a pretty big release, but FP8 seems to have enabled some goodies that I could use. Of course the cipher settings and general TLS security will be more than helpful.

But I have an odd issue where domlog.nsf shows that there are a whole slew of (as we say in the South… 😉 ) connections hitting the IP address through the reverse proxy. Of course, the Domino logs are not helpful because they only show the RP’s IP address. If only I had a way of seeing the source IP through the headers presented to Domino…

Thankfully, this fix from FP8 will make troubleshooting this one specific issue much easier.  With the X-Forwarded-For header enablement, I will be able to get closer to seeing where these hits are actually coming from and if there is something more in common with them. 🙂

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