Nomad was dead. Long live Nomad!

Who remembers nearly 13 years ago when Notes Nomad was released? Man, that’s an old blog… LOL 😉

Yeah, me too. In 2006 (a year before the iPhone), Nomad allowed us to have Notes on a USB drive so that we could plug-and-play. To me, Nomad seems like it would have been more adopted by administrators or developers who might need to bring up a full client to fix problems. But there were certainly end-user use cases, too. And it worked pretty good for a while – when Notes wasn’t as bloated and Eclipse-based. It makes me wonder how an Eclipse-based Nomad would run on more modern USB-C with faster flash drive technology – or an external SSD…

But now we’re in 2019 and Nomad is back and we have a roadmap as well. But, as you know, Nomad is no longer the nostalgic “Notes on a stick.” You can access existing Notes applications right from your iPad now.

And for those of us who don’t use i* devices have been wondering when we can use it, or allow users to, we now have a roadmap. We can expect to see support for iPhone, ChromeOS, Android Table, and GPS support with V11. Then in V11+ (Domino Next Next), we should see support for Android Phones.


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