Vote in the Domino Designer Enhancements POLL – Floating Action Button (FAB)

Go out and vote in the poll linked at the end of this article:

Many of you will have seen at user groups and webcasts this year the Nomad team showing the “FAB” or floating action button. A button on iPhone that automatically appears and has actions mapped to it so when you click on it they show as options.
We need your input on our choices. We do not want to come up with a method of doing this only to change it completely on a later version. Essentially once we push out a way of developing we don’t want to break people’s apps by changing that approach later on.

Personally, I think it would be great to be able to do this ASAP with the V10 options already available. My concern would be that it’s an opt-out decision – as that is part of the concern described in the article. I’m not sure which of the 3rd Party development tools have the ability to report on all instances for “Include action in Action Menu”, but if we could programmatically (and not at [much] additional cost) identify and disable this wholesale, then that would make Option 1 much easier to implement ASAP.

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