Fun Fix Friday – Block ’em all! Now you can…

This is an interesting fix from 10.0. It’s one of those “the-end-users-don’t-know-how-to-cleanup-their-own-list” fixes.

Yeah, this is the block senders list. Here’s an old technote with a request to allow for more names. This was from around the 6.5 timeframe, so it was a request from maybe dozen or more years ago! And here was another request that said it would be fixed in 9.0.2 (which became 10.0). I love the suggestion in it to start blocking domains.

Now it can have 10 times more blocked addresses. Now instead of 32k worth of data we have loads more! I saw one post where someone said a person had 500-600 blocked addresses.

“Oh why not – let’s allow people to basically have 5,000 mail rules. Or at least a single mail rule with an array of 5,000 entries to iterate.” πŸ˜‰

I do wonder if there is logic in the rule to start at the most recently added entry and work backwards from there as the older ones aren’t going to be as likely to be sending mail to us anyway. And if you’re not using some type of anti-spam service or appliance and actually need to have 5,000 blocked senders, let’s take a moment to go chat with your IT folks… πŸ˜€

Does anyone out there have a legitimate reason to allow users to have more than 500 blocked senders?

Here’s the SPR for the fix.

  • SPR #ZKCO8ZZ9ZU – Increased the block sender list by 10x. Now if you choose the action for [Deliver Sender’s mail to Junk] you can add 10 times as many senders/users to the list.

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