Notes Client Debugging – Yeah Still Having To Do That!

This is a little block of settings that I keep handy to add to Client notes.ini files if they’re having particularly puzzling problems and in preparation to send to support if needed. This primarily just helps with debugging the core Notes issues. But, at least for now, don’t forget that you should also be checking the workspace/logs folder for issues as well.

Do you have any others that you would add?

;—–Notes Client Debugging Parameters—–

As you can see, they’re all remarked out to begin, so you can just unremark them and be good to go. I also added the logstatusbar=1 option as that can also come in handy if you want to make sure you catch all of those status bar messages. Sometimes they are helpful and not a bad idea to log. Note that the DEBUG_CONSOLE=1 setting will open a separate console window which shows all of the activity going on. This is quite helpful when it comes to Notes Client hangs so that you can see if it’s actually trying to do something. Though, it’s pretty much just a console window that is running a tail on the console.log.

A few others that you could enable also include the following.



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