Identifying A Problematic Process In Domino

Sometimes, we receive error messages in Domino and need to know which Domino Server Task is causing the problem. I detailed this a little more in this old post, but just wanted to post a little reminder here with a tip on how to identify the proper process.

By default now, Thread ID information is enabled on the Domino Console. It’s the first part in each console message (the part in brackets). It is enabled by DEBUG_THREADID=1 and it would the first part in bold in this message below:

[1D28:0012-0A6C] 10/08/2019 09:53:35 AM  Error retrieving DDM data from server blah/domain: Unable to find path to server. Check that your network connection is working. If you have a working connection, go to Preferences – Notes Ports and click Trace to discover where it breaks down.

I can determine that my PID is 1D28 as it’s the string before the colon. This is actually the hex value of the Process ID and if I convert it to decimal (here is a handy site to do that:, then it is 7464. That, on my Windows server, corresponds to the Process ID that nevent.exe is running under.

Determining the right PID is a good way to start with seeing if the problem is with a certain task. Perhaps you have an HTTP issue but it is actually coming from an PID under AMgr task because it’s an agent called from an HTTP session. You get the picture. 🙂


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