Domino 11 and DAOS tier2 storage #hcldomino11

As I have blogged about in the past, this new feature should be quite welcome. This allows you to store DAOS objects which haven’t been accessed in x number of days in S3-compatible storage – that is, storage services which use the AWS S3 API. Currently those supported are AWS S3 and MinIO. See my other post for my thoughts on how that could be helpful for you.

Along with using this feature, you can also view special statistics via show stat daos.cos.*

This actually allows you to see how much DAOS is being used in that tier2 storage, such as the number of downloads, size, etc… Two of these are the statistics for DAOS.COS.Ops.ClassA and DAOS.COS.Ops.ClassB. These are very helpful as it can help you determine your pricing in AWS S3.

Finally, there are some new tell daosmgr s3 commands, so review those as well!

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