Fix List for HCL Notes and Domino 11 #hcldomino11

HCL hasjust published today a fix list for Notes and Domino 11.0. Go take a look at some of the fixes!

Here are some that catch my eye upon a first glance…

SPR# MSKABFVJKN – Admin Client – DB2 related UI elements have been removed from the Admin client. (That’s been in the queue for a while, I bet!)

SPR# MSKABA2HNL – When managing ID vault password reset authorities in the Domino Administration client an internal 64k limit was being reached that prevented more users being added. This has now been corrected. (That’s a lot of people with the ability to reset passwords. I have deployed a custom Notes App [I didn’t write it] for customers that allows helpdesk personnel to reset passwords without even having the Admin Client. This seems that it would be extremely helpful for the situation in this SPR!)


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